Adnams Glass

So I have spent the weekend cluttering up my conservatory with all my studio gear practising my product photography. unfortunately for the wife and kids it has been out of bounds. That way they dont pick up anything that may have been delicately placed to to capture the images.

I love doing these sort of Product/Advertising photography. The most important part is the previsualization of the shot, how you imagine it to be and then trying to create it. It makes the mind work trying figuring out how to block this bit of light. And then trying to improve another bit of light. Thinking about backgrounds and how to show the product at its best. And Then, finally thinking how you are going to edit the photo in post.

Product Photography

It can be a funny old game doing these type of shots, lots of photoshop work and lots of fettling with bits of gold card to light up the liquid from behind. Then theres the preparation of the condensation, none of it is real! it is all delicately applied using a secret mixture and carefully prepped to insure it stays on.

A perfectly poured glass of Adnams beer.

This is a product shot of a Adnams glass taken as a image for my portfolio of product images.