G.H.MUMM Brute Champagne.

Practicing Product Photography

So I have spent the weekend cluttering up my conservatory with all my studio gear. It has been out of bounds for my wife and kids for a while I practice my product photography.  It also means they don’t pick up anything that may have been delicately placed to to capture the images.

I love doing these sort of Product/Advertising photography. The most important part is the previsualisation of the shot.  How you imagine it to be, and then trying to create it. It makes the mind work figuring out how to block this bit of light, and trying to improve another bit of light. Thinking about backgrounds and how to show the product at its best. And Then, finally thinking how you are going to edit the photo in post.

Also its a great way fo my little girl to join in, as she sits patiently with my ipad which is remotely connected to my camera via sony’s fantastic play memories app to hit the shutter button while I tweak things.

Thank god for photoshop, it would be pretty impossible to create images like this with out it. This image was the result of three different pictures blended together in photoshop. Then each layer was then tweaked to get the final result.

Product Photography picture of a G.H.MUMM champagne bottle and flute glass.

G.H.MUMM Brute Champagne.