Landscape Photography In Wales

So I’ve made two attempts in the last month to get up to Snowdonia to do some Landscape photography.

The first attempt I ventured on my own, I had booked a private room at the pen-y-pass youth hostel. When I arrived the weather was ok, so I made plans to head out in the morning up the miner’s track towards Snowdon. Well, the during the night the hostel lost power due to the gale force winds that had come in. By the morning power had not been restored and the trusted iPhone torch came to the rescue.

The staff had managed to arrange breakfast and put some temporary lighting up. Any way I ventured out, the wind had dropped and there was a calm about the place again. I headed up the miners track taking photos as I see them, slowly getting higher.

It wasn’t long into the afternoon that the weather turned again for the worst. The wind picked up and the snow came down and before I knew it the whole place had whitened out with snow. The temperature dropped and at this point about 200 metres from the summit of Snowdon I realised it was too dangerous. And was time to bid a retreat and get back down and forget about doing any more landscape photography.

When I eventually got back to the hostel, I was in need of a hot sweet cup of tea, a shower and a large piece of cake. This was shattered when I got in as the hostel had lost there water supply and because of this were going to have to close.

At this point, after being offered somewhere else to stay I decided to retreat straight back home as the weather did not look like it was going to improve.

Second Trip Back

A week and a half later I tried again this time with the aid of my brother. We stayed at the hostel again as they had got things sorted. It is a wonderful place to stay at and it is in such an ideal spot. However, it wasn’t high winds and snow that put a holt on the landscape photography it was fog.

It was that thick it consumed the mountains and all the land around it. We spent the first day driving around looking and hoping it would lift just enough to give me a glimpse to take a photograph. Eventually, late in the afternoon, it lifted and I managed to create a few images.

On my second and last day of trip number two, the weather had yet come in again. High winds and rain at lower levels and snow higher up. A complete change to what was forecast. So, in the end, the cameras were stowed away and we decided to go for it and summit Snowdon instead.

Wales and it’s unpredictable weather has beaten me twice thus far, I will be back….. and soon.

Pass of Llanberris, Snowdonia, Wales.

Pass of Llanberis, Snowdonia, Wales.

Winters views from the PYG track, Snowdonia, Wales.

Winters views from the PYG track, Snowdonia, Wales.

Snowdon in the clouds with Crib Goch, and Llyn Llydaw, Snowdonia, Wales.

Taken From the Minors Track on a winters day looking over Llyn Lydaw towards Snowdon and Crib Goch, Snowdonia, Wales.

Miners Track, Snowdon, Wales.

The derelict miner’s buildings along the miner’s track, overshadowed by a snow-filled Bwlch Ciliau, Snowdon, Wales.

Mount SnowdonMount SnowdonMount Snowdon