A picker up on a shoot carrying a few recently shot birds
Fieldsports Photography
THE NEW SEASON So we are a month into the new season, as yet I haven’t had the opportunity to
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Survey Results Reveal the Online Shopping Habits of Consumers
What do online shoppers look for in a website, and what’s the difference between a product photo that secures a
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Image taken at Deers Glade Camping site after a horrific day of Rain August 2018
Taking Every Opportunity To Capture An Image
Unexpected Opportunities Sometimes photography turns up unexpected opportunities to capture images. My photography as a rule is usually planned in
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Aerial view of RSPB Minsmere
Getting The Aerial Shot
The Permissions A few weeks back I needed to get a particular aerial photo of the RSPB Minsmere in Suffolk.
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The Pass Of Aberglaslyn and the Llyn yr Hen-bont, Snowdonia, Wales.
Snowdonia Landscape Photography
Landscape Photography In Wales So I’ve made two attempts in the last month to get up to Snowdonia to do
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Product Photography picture of a G.H.MUMM champagne bottle and flute glass.
Product photography of G.H.MUMM Champagne and flute glass
G.H.MUMM Brute Champagne. Practicing Product Photography So I have spent the weekend cluttering up my conservatory with all my studio
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A perfectly poured glass of Adnams beer.
Adnams Glass Product Photography
Adnams Glass So I have spent the weekend cluttering up my conservatory with all my studio gear practising my product
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Glenceitlein Cottage and its surroundings from the air.
The way to Ben Starav, Highlands, Scotland
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Leiston Film Theatre.
Leiston Film Theatre
Leston Film Theatre Was lovely to be invited to photograph this iconic Film Theatre, as a child living in Leiston I spent
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Ben Nichols Photograper
TBM to climbing Ben Nevis for Alzeimers Society
TBM to the day, last year, standing on the Top of Ben Nevis at 2AM in the morning having climbed
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